Aug 18, 2010

音の物理学 (The Physics of Sound) [English]

Song: 音の物理学 (The Physics of Sound)
Composer: Seiko
Lyricist: yui
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku - Append)
Nico: nm9099133
Youtube: watch?v=LWyNOHZO0fo

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Amidst the time of oblivion
Stars are wrapped up by the sea and embraced
On the horizon of flowing blue
The moon has no more time to rise again
Slowly, it sinks down
The large, full moon

Split apart the fallen point
Undulate the stretched-out line

Stirring the amniotic fluid where gravity envelopes the stars
A small melody dwells on the surface of countless bubbles
That's life's program
Our mother plays a song from born time
We are singing

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