Dec 22, 2010

メリーゴーランド・ミラージュ (Merry-Go-Round Mirage) [English]

Song: メリーゴーランド・ミラージュ (Merry-Go-Round Mirage)
Composer: kochoP
Lyricist: kochoP
Vocalist: 巡音ルカ (Megurine Luka)
Nico: sm12645546
Youtube: watch?v=0CHSFVXEFtM

Dec 21, 2010

Coffee Made Body [English & Romaji]

Song: Coffee Made Body
Composer: wintermute
Lyricist: wintermute
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku - Append)
Nico: sm13079857
Youtube: watch?v=ZzG41CX6PBQ

Dec 16, 2010

Hyper∞LATiON [English]

Song: Hyper∞LATiON
Composer: cosMo(暴走P)
Lyricist: cosMo(暴走P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Youtube: watch?v=sZz0G_XE890

A.I. [English]

Song: A.I.
Composer: cosMo@暴走P (Cosmo @ Bousou P)
Lyricist: cosMo@暴走P (Cosmo @ Bousou P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Youtube: watch?v=wA9lEj7xA2w

毒とパンツとノイローゼ (Poison, Panties, and Neurosis) [English]

Song: 毒とパンツとノイローゼ (Poison, Panties, and Neurosis)
Composer: アキバヲタP (Akibawota P)
Lyricist: アキバヲタP (Akibawota P)
Vocalist: 猫村いろは (Nekomura Iroha)
Nico: sm12808154
Youtube: watch?v=_p5ENiAxvVo

マジカリン☆☆☆LOVE (Magica-Rin☆☆☆LOVE) [English]

Song: マジカリン☆☆☆LOVE♡ (Magica-Rin☆☆☆LOVE♡)
Composer: ウゴP (Ugo P)
Lyricist: ウゴP (Ugo P)
Vocalist: 鏡音リン (Kagamine Rin)
Nico: sm12757490
Youtube: watch?v=bdETvBvmjb4

Dec 13, 2010

ツイホウ恋歌。(Exiled Love Song) [English]

Song: ツイホウ恋歌。(Exiled Love Song)
Composer: モジャP (Moja P)
Lyricist: モジャP (Moja P)
Vocalist: 鏡音リン・レン (Kagamine Rin/Len)
Nico: sm5406756
Youtube: watch?v=x1is4DYT9F8

猛毒のキス (Venom Kiss) [English]

Song: 猛毒のキス (Venom Kiss)
Composer: プーチンP (Putin P)
Lyricist: プーチンP (Putin P)
Vocalist: 鏡音リン (Kagamine Rin)
Nico: nm12515121
Youtube: watch?v=-7Hyh1Mg7-M

Dec 10, 2010

When They Cry -Rosin Mix- [English]

Song: When They Cry -Rosin Mix-
Composer: 全農連P (Zennouren P)
Lyricists: らっぷびと (Rapbito) and iroha
Vocalists: らっぷびと (Rapbito) and リツカ (Ritsuka)
Nico: sm9444501
Youtube: watch?v=QAmDowUh21c (Alternative singers)

Excalibur [English + Romaji]

Song: Excalibur
Composer: Caz
Lyricist: Caz
Vocalist: 巡音ルカ (Megurine Luka)
Nico: sm10710500
Youtube: watch?v=spweam-eRW0

ハルイチ。 (Hal 1.) [English + Romaji]

Song: ハルイチ。 (Hal 1.)
Composer: DECO*27
Lyricist: DECO*27
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hastune Miku)
Nico: sm6695723
Youtube: watch?v=ibn6Wzu05nA

Oct 10, 2010

モカ (Mocha) [English + Romaji]

Song: モカ (Mocha)
Composer: ツナまる(めざめP) - Tsunamaru (Mezame-P)
Lyricist: ツナまる(めざめP) - Tsunamaru (Mezame-P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku – Sweet Append)
Nico: sm12361197
Youtube: watch?v=8WJiVzXgMiY

Oct 9, 2010

∞ (Infinity) [English]

Song: ∞ (Infinity)
Composer: cosMo aka. 暴走P (Bousou-P)
Lyricist: cosMo aka. 暴走P (Bousou-P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm3207909
Youtube: watch?v=WTTS17X4Dss&fmt=18

鎌を持てない死神の話 (Story of the Death God who couldn't use his Scythe) [English]

Song: 鎌を持てない死神の話 (Story of the Death God who couldn't use his Scythe)
Composer: 白黒P (Shirokuro-P)
Lyricist: 白黒P (Shirokuro-P)
Vocalist: 鏡音レン・鏡音リン (Kagamine Rin/Len)
Nico: nm6630292
Youtube: watch?v=g753DzVrm2Y

Oct 7, 2010

0 (Zero) [English]

Song: 0 (Zero)
Composer: cosMo aka. 暴走P (Bousou-P)
Lyricist: cosMo aka. 暴走P (Bousou-P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm2341885
Youtube: watch?v=TKO4Sox0o9Q

Oct 4, 2010

ポケットが砂でいっぱい (A Pocketful of Sand) [English]

Song: ポケットが砂でいっぱい (A Pocketful of Sand)
Composer: (Mount Peaty)
Lyricist: (Mount Peaty)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm12186099
Youtube: watch?v=jD51RsrirhA

Sep 29, 2010

恋率方程式 (Love Ratio Equation) [English + Romaji]

Song: 恋率方程式 (Love Ratio Equation)
Composer: papiyon aka. 蝶々P (Chouchou-P)
Lyricist: papiyon aka. 蝶々P (Chouchou-P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm9676974
Youtube: watch?v=T2M-tC1z78s

Sep 28, 2010

reverse clock [Short Story Translation]

::reverse clock::

The backstory behind this song.
Written by the wonderful lyricist ゐつ (Witsu).
I only hope that I have retained the simple beauty of this short passage.

Original writing:

Sep 27, 2010

十二月の窓 (Window of December) [English]

Song: 十二月の窓 (Window of December)
Composer: すんzりヴぇrP (Sunzriver-P)
Lyricist: すんzりヴぇrP (Sunzriver-P)
Vocalist: 鏡音レン・初音ミク・鏡音リン (Kagamine Rin/Len, Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm9177844
Youtube: watch?v=nt5mb4B-JHM

Sep 26, 2010

想イ出カケラ (Memory Fragments) [English]

Song: 想イ出カケラ(Memory Fragments)
Composer: ダルビッシュP (Devlish-P) & Silent Symphonia
Lyricist: ダルビッシュP (Devlish-P) & Silent Symphonia
Vocalist: GUMI
Nico: nm11195743
Youtube: watch?v=ApJXYWqhSYQ

uninstall [English]

Song: uninstall
Composer: イメソラP (Imesora-P)
Lyricist: イメソラP (Imesora-P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm5180205
Youtube: watch?v=wuCG3aqQzS0

Sep 25, 2010

LEO [English]

Song: LEO
Composer: harunacute
Lyricist: orange
Vocalist: 鏡音レン (Kagamine Len)
Nico: sm3811621
Youtube: watch?v=MKIwvJhqWBs

Sep 20, 2010

約束と嘘 (Promises and Lies) [English + Romaji]

Song: 約束と嘘 (Promises and Lies)
Composer: geru
Lyricist: geru
Vocalist: 鏡音リン (Kagamine Rin)
Nico: sm11994359
Youtube: watch?v=c22i9JGntok

恋のパトロールカー☆ (Patrol Car of Love ☆) [English]

Song: 恋のパトロールカー☆ (Patrol Car of Love ☆)
Composer: バファリンP (Bufferin-P)
Lyricist: バファリンP (Bufferin-P)
Vocalist: 巡音ルカ (Megurine Luka)
Nico: sm9807752
Youtube: N/A


Composer: ケフィアP (Kefia-P)
Lyricist: ケフィアP (Kefia-P)
Vocalist: 鏡音レン (Kagamine Len)
Nico: sm5932293
Youtube: watch?v=_U0-aXPayo8

Sep 15, 2010

極楽蝶 (Paradise Butterfly) [English + Romaji]

Song: 極楽蝶 (Paradise Butterfly)
Composer: にいとP (Niito-P)
Lyricist: ミズタマ (Mizutama)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm3233292
Youtube: watch?v=W8MN_1rzMXA

雷鳴アンプリファ (Thunder Amplifier) [English]

Song: 雷鳴アンプリファ (Thunder Amplifier)
Composer: cos k aka. 雷鳴P (Raimei-P)
Lyricist: cos k aka. 雷鳴P (Raimei-P)
Vocalist: 鏡音レン (Kagamine Len)
Nico: sm8153259
Youtube: watch?v=BqLzvez8nxM

Sep 13, 2010

筆おろし (First Time) [English]

Song: 筆おろし (First Time)
*筆おろし (Fudeoroshi) can refer to using a new writing brush, or a first sexual experience.
Composer: デッドボールP (Deadball-P)
Lyricist: デッドボールP (Deadball-P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm8534638
Youtube: watch?v=q4Yd8sivJG4

スリープウォーク (Sleepwalk) [English + Romaji]

Song: スリープウォーク (Sleepwalk)
Composer: 鬱P (Depression-P)
Lyricist: 鬱P (Depression-P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm9495834
Youtube: watch?v=KdXZ_6JmZhs

Sep 9, 2010

初音ミクとあそぼぅ!! (Let’s Play with Hatsune Miku!!) [English]

Song: 初音ミクとあそぼぅ!! (Let’s Play with Hatsune Miku!!)
Composer: cosMo aka暴走P (Bousou-P)
Lyricist: cosMo aka暴走P (Bousou-P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク(Hatsune Miku)
with fellow performances by AquesTalk (Yukkuri) and Kagamine Rin/Len.
Nico: sm11943126
Youtube: watch?v=R1WXEW_0wRo

さよなら常識空間 (Goodbye Common Sense Space) [English + Romaji]

Song: さよなら常識空間 (Goodbye Common Sense Space)
Composer: cosMo aka暴走P (Bousou-P)
Lyricist: cosMo aka暴走P (Bousou-P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm11622258
Youtube: watch?v=7G5GASlRDWU

Sep 8, 2010

ファンタスティック・リアリスト (Fantastic Realist) [English + Romaji]

Song: ファンタスティック・リアリスト (Fantastic Realist)
Composer: 娘細胞P (Jousaibou-P)
Lyricist: 娘細胞P (Jousaibou-P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm8450858
Youtube: N/A

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「つけるよ。」( "Put it on" ) [English]

Song: 「つけるよ。」( "Put it on" )
Composer: すけっちP (Suketch-P)
Lyricist: マルキン (Malkin)
Vocalist: KAITO
Nico: sm10028665
Youtube: watch?v=w1QaiSu99kM

Sep 1, 2010

時の侭に (At the Will of Time) [English + Romaji]

Song: 時の侭に (At the Will of Time)
Composer: DATEKEN
Lyricist: DATEKEN
Vocalist: 鏡音リン (Kagamine Rin)
Nico: sm12060498
Youtube: watch?v=xkbXv_vy9w8

Aug 31, 2010

ダミーダミー (Dummy Dummy) [English + Romaji] -- V2 Translation

Song: ダミーダミー (Dummy Dummy)
Composer: DECO*27
Lyricist: DECO*27
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm8712009
Youtube: watch?v=f_gakCqC3To 

Aug 27, 2010

リリリリ★バーニングナイト (Lily Lily★Burning Night) [English + Romaji]

Song: リリリリ★バーニングナイト (Lily Lily★Burning Night)
Composer: samfree
Lyricist: samfree
Vocalist: リリィ (Lily)
Nico: sm11884641
Youtube: watch?v=1ufbyQUAlJc

Aug 18, 2010

音の物理学 (The Physics of Sound) [English]

Song: 音の物理学 (The Physics of Sound)
Composer: Seiko
Lyricist: yui
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku - Append)
Nico: nm9099133
Youtube: watch?v=LWyNOHZO0fo

Aug 16, 2010

Letter Song [Romaji]

Song: letter song
Composer: doriko
Lyricist: doriko
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm3771514
Youtube: watch?v=2y_9A_gXKO0

Aug 10, 2010

鬱くしい花 (Depressing Beautiful Flower) [English]

Song: 鬱くしい花 (Depressing Beautiful Flower)
Composer: おにゅうP (OnyuuP)
Guitar & Mixing: ピノキオP (PinocchioP)
Lyricist: おにゅうP (OnyuuP)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm9960375
Youtube: watch?v=04J6zlQX8b4

Counterclockwise [English + Romaji]

Song: Counterclockwise
Composer: ryuryu aka. びにゅP (Binyu-P)
Lyricist: ryuryu aka. びにゅP (Binyu-P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm11644980
Youtube: watch?v=YXF6vSrH3nE

トリノコシティ (Left-Behind City) [Romaji]

Song: トリノコシティ (Left-Behind City)
Composer: 40㍍P (40metre-P)
Lyricist: 40㍍P (40metre-P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm11559163
Youtube: watch?v=MNbGfPX3rkU

Jul 29, 2010

マイラストグラヴィティ (My Last Gravity) [English + Romaji]

Song: マイラストグラヴィティ (My Last Gravity)
Composer: ゆにP (Yuni-P)
Lyricist: ゆにP (Yuni-P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm11535860
Youtube: watch?v=DshFjRcp5jA

Jul 27, 2010

A Wish [English]

Song: A Wish
Composer: tomesege
Lyricist: tomesege
Vocalist: 巡音ルカ (Megurine Luka)
Nico: sm9009587
Youtube: watch?v=QoriCD0LI_I

Jul 24, 2010

時計屋と夢 (Watchmaker and Dream) [English + Romaji]

Song: 時計屋と夢 (Watchmaker and Dream)
Composer: kous
Lyricist: kous
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm11422387
Youtube: watch?v=DlX-rx5zLOA

Jul 14, 2010

君と見た景色 (The Places I Saw with You) [English + Romaji]

Song: 君と見た景色 (The Places I Saw with You)
Composer: ichiP
Lyricist: ichiP
Vocalist: 鏡音レン (Kagamine Len)
Nico: sm6089349
Youtube: [No youtube reprint]

Jul 13, 2010

シロップ (Syrup) [English + Romaji]

Song: シロップ (Syrup)
Composer: ichiP
Lyricist: ichiP
Vocalist: 巡音ルカ・鏡音レン (Megurine Luka, Kagamine Len)
Nico: sm7238617
Youtube: [No youtube reprint]

Jul 10, 2010

Re:Continue [English + Romaji]

Song: Re:Continue
Composer: ピノキオP (Pinocchio-P)
Lyricist: ピノキオP (Pinocchio-P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm9838154
Youtube: watch?v=SUFPz-UtIv8

Jul 9, 2010

Mermaid [English]

Song: Mermaid
Composer: doriko
Lyricist: doriko
Vocalist: リツカ (Ritsuka) [Not Vocaloid]
Nico: -
Youtube: -

Jun 30, 2010

グレーゾーンにて。(In the Grey Zone.) [English + Romaji]

Song: グレーゾーンにて。(In the Grey Zone.)
Composer: wowaka aka. 現実逃避P (Reality-Escape-P)
Lyricist: wowaka aka. 現実逃避P (Reality-Escape-P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm7015099
Youtube: watch?v=ZkVA3YywFAQ

Jun 28, 2010

ごめんなsorry (Gomenna-sorry) [Romaji + English]

Song: ごめんなsorry (Gomenna-sorry)
Composer: あわあわp (AwaAwa-P)
Lyricist: あわあわp (AwaAwa-P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm6247714
Youtube: watch?v=CfTePt1B2ZI

Jun 17, 2010

s y n c h r o n i city [English + Romaji]

Song: synchronicity
Composer: AVTechNo!
Lyricist: Hiroshi Tomoba
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: watch/nm7391605
Youtube: watch?v=CY3ilWeXpys

Jun 11, 2010

アナザー:白い雪のプリンセスは (Another: The Snow White Princess is...) [English + Romaji]

Song: アナザー:白い雪のプリンセスは (Another: The Snow White Princess is...)
Composer: のぼる↑P (Noboru↑P)
Lyricist: あにま (Anima)
Vocalist: 鏡音レン (Kagamine Len)
Nico: sm10710788
Youtube: watch?v=SLmiPdyQiko

Jun 8, 2010

Sweet Devil [English]

Song: Sweet Devil
Composer: 八王子P
Lyricist: q*Left
Vocalist: 八王子P (8#Prince P)
Nico: sm9711503
Youtube: watch?v=2hMkyjClRTo

Jun 6, 2010

神の名前に堕ちる者 (One who falls at the Name of God) [Romaji + English]

Song: 神の名前に堕ちる者 (One who falls at the Name of God)
Composer: kaoling
Lyricist: kaoling
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: nm10476697
Youtube: watch?v=xQx8ci6PDAk

May 19, 2010

ハートビート・クロックタワー (Heartbeat Clocktower) [English + Romaji]

Song: ハートビート・クロックタワー (Heartbeat Clocktower)
Composer: Mothy
Lyricist: Mothy
Vocalist: KAITO
Nico: sm10512919
Youtube: watch?v=1zk5d2lFf30

May 16, 2010

五月の窓 (Window of May) [English + Romaji]

Song: 五月の窓 (Window of May)
Composer: すんzりヴぇrP (SunzriverP)
Lyricist: すんzりヴぇrP (SunzriverP)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm3388435
Youtube: watch?v=FDZObLp4ynw

夏模様 (Summer Scenery) [English + Romaji]

Song: 夏模様 (Summer Scenery)
Composer: EasyPop (BETTI)
Lyricist: EasyPop (BETTI)
Vocalist: 巡音ルカ (Megurine Luka)
Nico: nm10588993
Youtube: watch?v=AvyhDSqT3q8

Apr 26, 2010

-ELIS- [English + Romaji]

Song: -ELIS-
Composer: ゆよゆっぺ (Yuyoyuppe)
Lyricist: ゆよゆっぺ (Yuyoyuppe)
Vocalist: 巡音ルカ (Megurine Luka)
Nico: sm9397834
Youtube: watch?v=z40CJRl5Nww

お姫様の誕生日 (The Princess’s Birthday) [English]

Song: お姫様の誕生日 (The Princess’s Birthday)
Composer: さささP (SasasaP)
Lyricist: さささP (SasasaP)
Vocalist: 鏡音リン・鏡音レン・初音ミク (Kagamine Rin & Len, Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm8122597
Youtube: N/A

Apr 25, 2010

弱虫モンブラン (Weakling Mont Blanc) [English + Romaji]

Song: 弱虫モンブラン (Weakling Mont Blanc)
Composer: DECO*27
Lyricist: DECO*27
Vocalist: GUMI (Megpoid)
Nico: sm10393864
Youtube: watch?v=MRsykpnEiGs

Alive [English + Romaji]

Song: Alive
Composer: デスおはぎ (Death-Ohagi)
Lyricist: sforza_t
Vocalist: 重音テト (Kasane Teto)
Nico: sm9565069
Youtube: watch?v=TKVi9HXRGJc

害虫 (Noxious Bug) [English + Romaji]

Song: 害虫 (Noxious Bug)
Composer: 鬱P (DepressionP)
Lyricist: 鬱P (DepressionP)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm10481957
Youtube: watch?v=rC4RXrOG43I

終わらないハンマー・タイム (Never-ending Hammer Time) [English + Romaji]

Song: 終わらないハンマー・タイム (Never-ending Hammer Time)
Composer: おにゅうP (OnyuuP)
Lyricist: おにゅうP (OnyuuP)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm7593541
Youtube: watch?v=5iPbNu2m3Ks

Apr 23, 2010

ワールドエンド・WxY (World End.WxY) [English + Romaji]

Song: ワールドエンド・WxY (World End.WxY)
Composer: 般P(ショミ) (HanP aka. Syomi)
Lyricist: 般P(ショミ) (HanP aka. Syomi)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm8900668
Youtube: watch?v=6l2xqDY_C98

Apr 19, 2010

相愛性理論 (The Theory of Loving Each Other) [English + Romaji]

Song: 相愛性理論 (The Theory of Loving Each Other)
Composer: DECO*27
Lyricist: DECO*27
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku
Nico: sm6743291
Youtube: watch?v=1e-DGX0ArKI

Apr 16, 2010

The Universe [English + Romaji]

Song: The Universe
Composer: と くP (TokuP)
Lyricists: kentax vs toku
Vocalist: miki
Nico: sm9012469
Youtube: watch?v=58S8NNE5ztM

Apr 11, 2010

ユアハイネス☆マイプリンセス (Your Highness ☆ My Princess) [English + Romaji]

Song: ユアハイネス☆マイプリンセス (Your Highness ☆ My Princess)
Composer: ぱんたんず (Pantanzu)
Lyricist: 綾菓 (Ayaka)
Vocalists: 神威がくぽ・KAITO・鏡音レン・氷山キヨテル (Kamui Gakupo, Kaito, Kagamine Len, Hiyama Kiyoteru)
Nico: sm10243594
Youtube: watch?v=8uIE_hedzVk

Apr 8, 2010

言葉はいらない (Words are unneeded) [English]

Song: 言葉はいらない (Words are unneeded)
Composer: いたる (Itaru)
Lyricist: いたる (Itaru)
Vocalist: 鏡音レン (Kagamine Len)
Nico: sm9222447
Youtube: watch?v=_4KU4ff9_RU&

Apr 6, 2010

Guilty Verse [English + Romaji]

Song: Guilty Verse
Composer: ぺぺろんP (PeperonP)
Lyricist: ぺぺろんP (PeperonP)
Vocalist: 氷山キヨテル (Hiyama Kiyoteru)
Nico: sm10037227
Youtube: watch?v=XY8R9Bpg69Y

Apr 5, 2010

Deseo [English + Romaji]

Song: Deseo (Means 'Desire' in Spanish)
Composer: おとなラP (OtonaraP)
Lyricist: おとなラP (OtonaraP)
Vocalists: 巡音ルカ・神威がくぽ (Megurine Luka and Gackpoid/Kamui Gakupo)
Nico: sm7903459
Youtube: watch?v=_DanrtpilO4

鬼を愛する人 (The Person who loves a Demon) [English + Romaji]

Song: 鬼を愛する人 (The Person who loves a Demon)
Composer: OPA
Lyricist: Asaki No'9
Vocalist: MEIKO
Nico: sm7549474
Youtube: watch?v=oWC7cMuAC1c

Be mine! [English + Romaji]

Song: Be mine!
Composer: ばすてぃP (BaSuti P)
Lyricist: ばすてぃP (BaSuti P)
Vocalist: 鏡音リン (Kagamine Rin)
Nico: sm2485240
Youtube: watch?v=kwfxgcTnT4I

Apr 1, 2010

mist-missing love- [English]

Song: mist-missing love-
Composer: maya
Lyricist: 山下慎一狼 (Yamashita Shinichi Ookami)
Vocalists: 巡音ルカ・神威がくぽ (Megurine Luka and Gackpoid/Kamui Gakupo)
Nico: sm9249442
Youtube: watch?v=vY6ycaYSa3s

Mar 31, 2010


Composer: hr aka. えっちP (EcchiP)
Lyricist: hr aka. えっちP (EcchiP)
Vocalist: 鏡音リン (Kagamine Rin)
Nico: sm10083051
Youtube: watch?v=FiXIXAmVJck

Mar 29, 2010

piano [English + Romaji]

Song: piano
Composer: 164
Lyricist: 164
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm4894765
Youtube: watch?v=9FCbrgRRp_M

Mar 28, 2010

ACID NEL [English + Romaji]

Composer: AVTechNO!
Lyricist: AVTechNO!
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm9546774
Youtube: watch?v=mYp77tBIYtE

D.O.P.E. [English]

Song: D.O.P.E.
Composer: ShakeSphere
Lyricist: ShakeSphere
Vocalist: が くっぽいど (Gackpoid/Kamui Gakupo)
Nico: sm4327357
Youtube: watch?v=G9Th86usjFQ

グラジオラス (Gladiolus) [English]

Song: グラジオラス (Gladiolus)
Composer: ミラーP (MirrorP)
Lyricist: ミラーP (MirrorP)
Vocalists: 巡音ルカ & KAITO (Megurine Luka and Kaito)
Nico: sm8772146
Youtube: watch?v=yCNPwOdc2Lo

どくきのこ (Poisonous Mushroom) [English]

Song: どくきのこ (Poisonous Mushroom)
Composer: EM (with arrangement by WEB-MIX)
Lyricist: EM
Vocalist: 巡音ルカ (Megurine Luka)
Nico: sm9906191
Youtube: watch?v=tCuIeECRxic

雪の名残を (The Remains of Snow) [English]

Song: 雪の名残を (The Remains of Snow)
Composer: ぱっつんP (PattsunP)
Lyricist: ぱっつんP (PattsunP)
Vocalists: 巡音ルカ & KAITO (Megurine Luka and Kaito)
Nico: sm9346560
Youtube: watch?v=ZhwOno0WRW4

Mar 27, 2010

little bird [English + Romaji]

Song: little bird
Composer: 太一 (taichi)
Lyricist: 太一 (taichi)
Vocalist: 雪歌ユフ (Sekka Yufu)
Nico: sm10128942
Youtube: Not reprinted to youtube yet.

Mar 26, 2010

モノクロ∞ブルースカイ (Monochrome ∞ Blue Sky) [English + Romaji]

Song: モノクロ∞ブルースカイ (Monochrome ∞ Blue Sky)
Composer: のぼる↑P (Noboru↑P)
Lyricist: のぼる↑P (Noboru↑P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm10150980
Youtube: watch?v=DreN-g9OWuQ

チャイナドレス (China Dress) [English]

Song: チャイナドレス (China Dress)
Composer: つるつるP (turuturuP)
Lyricist: つるつるP (turuturuP)
Vocalist: 初音ミク・鏡音リン (Hatsune Miku & Kagamine Rin)
Nico: sm7570740
Youtube: watch?v=p-UeTXGy2PM

CHU!して! (Kiss me!) [English + Romaji]

Song: CHU!して! (Kiss me!)
Composer: シグナラP (SignalP)
Lyricist: nosuke
Vocalist: 鏡音リン (Kagamine Rin)
Nico: sm3335060
Youtube: watch?v=TkdS7XMwbu8

Mar 25, 2010

As you like~お気に召すまま~ (As you like ~oki ni mesu mama~) [English + Romaji]

Song: As you like~お気に召すまま~ (As you like ~oki ni mesu mama~)
Composer: (бεб)P
Lyricist: (бεб)P
Vocalist: 鏡音レン (Kagamine Len)
Nico: sm6120884
Youtube: watch?v=RMgGBxsXzJ4

Mar 24, 2010

初音ミクの戸惑 (The Confusion of Hatsune Miku) [English + Romaji]

Song: 初音ミクの戸惑 (The Confusion of Hatsune Miku)
Composer: cosMo (暴走P)
Lyricist: cosMo (暴走P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm10114759
Youtube: watch?v=qJNTdCseALU

Mar 17, 2010

ヘイトフルワンダーランド (Hateful Wonderland) [English + Romaji]

Song: ヘイトフルワンダーランド (Hateful Wonderland)
Composer: マチゲリータP (MachigeriitaP)
Lyricist: マチゲリータP (MachigeriitaP)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm9536373
Youtube: watch?v=vxoCzqQme4I

ローリンガール (Rolling Girl) [Romaji]

Song:  ローリンガール (Rolling Girl)
Composer: wowaka aka. 現実逃避P (Reality-Escape P)
Lyricist: wowaka aka. 現実逃避P (Reality-Escape P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm9714351
Youtube: watch?v=S3K5VBorUlw

Mar 16, 2010

Emotion&Reason [English + Romaji]

Song: Emotion & Reason
Composer: ゆよゆっぺ (Yuyoyuppe)
Lyricist: Leda
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm10045359
Youtube: watch?v=oi6JiyVjB84&

Mar 15, 2010

ナイフ (Knife) [English + Romaji]

Song: ナイフ (Knife)
Composer: パワーコードP (PowerchordP)
Lyricist: パワーコードP (PowerchordP)
Vocalist: 巡音ルカ (Megurine Luka)
Nico: sm9793103
Youtube: watch?v=VJmdFXXRjSI

スケルツォーネ (Scherzone) [English + Romaji]

Song: スケルツォーネ (Scherzone)
Composer: ゆ にP (YuniP)
Lyricist: ゆ にP (YuniP)
Vocalist: 歌愛ユキ (Kaai Yuki)
Nico: sm9569574
Youtube: watch?v=rk9ilL5MZmI

God Slaying Machine [English + Romaji]

Song: God Slaying Machine
Composer: スバル(Subaru)
Lyricist: スバル(Subaru)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm5791116
Youtube: watch?v=L_sJg_Pchd0

宇宙ラジオ (Space Radio) [English + Romaji]

Song: 宇宙ラジオ (Space Radio)
Composer: ←P
Lyricist: ←P
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm8706822
Youtube: watch?v=oygiE8xitNA

Meteor36.0 [English + Romaji]

Song: Meteor36.0
Composer: ラマーズP (LamazeP)
Lyricist: ラマーズP (LamazeP)
Vocalist: 歌愛ユキ (Kaai Yuki)
Nico: sm9638008
Youtube: watch?v=xtWSvkjiF3w

ガラスハートスフィア (Glass Heart Sphere) [English + Romaji]

Song: ガラスハートスフィア (Glass Heart Sphere)
Composer: マチゲリータP (MachigeriitaP)
Lyricist: マチゲリータP (MachigeriitaP)
Vocalist: 初音ミク: Darkβ (Hatsune Miku: Dark Append)
Nico: sm9096971
Youtube: watch?v=ZOAsZw5yNGY

ダミーダミー (Dummy Dummy) [English + Romaji]

Song: ダミーダミー (Dummy Dummy)
Composer: DECO*27
Lyricist: DECO*27
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm8712009
Youtube: watch?v=f_gakCqC3To