Mar 28, 2010

グラジオラス (Gladiolus) [English]

Song: グラジオラス (Gladiolus)
Composer: ミラーP (MirrorP)
Lyricist: ミラーP (MirrorP)
Vocalists: 巡音ルカ & KAITO (Megurine Luka and Kaito)
Nico: sm8772146
Youtube: watch?v=yCNPwOdc2Lo

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Subbed video: N/A

Passion is transmitted momentarily by touch
Tonight again, the burial of loneliness is met by a sign

Mutual circumstances united us later
I relish the bitterness without saying anything
I’ll conceal it with sweet, secret nectar
Flowers bloom in masses during a fever that's like vertigo

Because the wounded ones are understood
It’s okay only for this moment
The approaching morning divides us
Only the fragrance remains

You are a replacement after all
If the time limit has passed, then it’s already over

It seems understandable, but nevertheless why is it so?
Embraced to the point of being broken
I'm captured within your powerful sight even though I never looked
I pierced the blade while it was bewildered

A shapeless connection with understanding
Still, love is demanded
And also vaguely eluded
If that’s the case, it’s not possible for me

The circulating fragrance was softly extinguished
There were no remnants left behind
The crumbling flower firmly endures
Soon this way will be parted

"I exist here." the words were never said ("Only I can see." the feelings were never said)
However, concealing them, I left them behind (Brakes are ineffective, the feeling’s uncontrollable)
The isolated morning did not endure (Opening the door, I want you to respond)
Hey, transfer it this way (Come now, transfer it this way)

The circulating fragrance will never be extinguished
If that's true, then our burning sight will melt together
The swaying and fading flower is softly coiling around itself
Soon this way is not parted

The approaching nightfall illuminates us
Shine on the flower of dreams, please...


  1. Hi! I want to know if I can put subs using these lyrics? Obviously I'll give you all the credits

  2. Certainly, but this is quite an old translation. I will redo it and post a new version. Would you like romaji lyrics as well?

  3. I would like! As you think to be better.
    I'll comment several of your translations, waiting for your approval. xD

  4. Okay, done the new trans! It is much, much better.

    Working on romaji, should be up by tomorrow after I check it.