Sep 8, 2010

「つけるよ。」( "Put it on" ) [English]

Song: 「つけるよ。」( "Put it on" )
Composer: すけっちP (Suketch-P)
Lyricist: マルキン (Malkin)
Vocalist: KAITO
Nico: sm10028665
Youtube: watch?v=w1QaiSu99kM

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We hide at the usual spot, and I pull out the contents of the container
I ripped open that plastic wrapper with an innocent look

You seem reproachful, my face peeps at you
"Should we do it together?"
But then some extreme words were thrown about

I love you, I carefully think
But I add "probably" with regret
It still takes time to warm each other up
So that we can join together, today I'll also "put it on."

Just pushing in and pulling out, repeating the simple movement
I then threw away the used skin with a tight knot half-way

The cleaning never ends, you heave a sigh
"Should we take the medication?"
But then some insolent words were spat out

If I looked for every way to say "I love you"
There would be a lot, for sure
So for now, we'll do it only our way
Even if we make mistakes many times

I love you, I carefully think
But I'll consider that in the future
So in time, until that day comes
The same as before and even after, I'll "put it on."

will do if requested

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