Sep 13, 2010

筆おろし (First Time) [English]

Song: 筆おろし (First Time)
*筆おろし (Fudeoroshi) can refer to using a new writing brush, or a first sexual experience.
Composer: デッドボールP (Deadball-P)
Lyricist: デッドボールP (Deadball-P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm8534638
Youtube: watch?v=q4Yd8sivJG4

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Draw for me
I, who scored a D
in calligraphy

How long is your journey?
Is it from when you were born?
I wonder if you call it a journey,
so you can't throw it away easily?

Perhaps if you got a new writing brush
That guy would make fun of it?
I sold that guy's brush for real cheap
Then he could never write masculine characters!

God, please protect that person's brush
The form of duty, morals, and justice
You must forge your mind's strength
Without spilling ink on that meek girl
You use it for the first time

Where do you want to first do it?
Is it embarrassing to do it in the corridors?
Because you draw in the classroom
I'll untangle the brush tip for you!

Perhaps you think your small, thin brush
is something to be ashamed of?

Don't worry, size isn't important
Even if you make a mistake in writing, red ink can fix it!

God, please let me get that person's brush
Lovely, sexy adorable me
You don't have to do anything, just relax
While the number of stains on the ceiling is growing
You use it for the first time

I'm only a day-dreamer
who can boast about things

God, please give me courage to say these feelings
The meek, innocent and insolent words
With you, I only have these wild ideas
Spill ink on my important skirt
I use it for the first time

Hah, thank you! Bow ♪

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