Sep 28, 2010

reverse clock [Short Story Translation]

::reverse clock::

The backstory behind this song.
Written by the wonderful lyricist ゐつ (Witsu).
I only hope that I have retained the simple beauty of this short passage.

Original writing:

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Mikkun’s note A ~ About The Raven Gem

It is said that the black magic stone, called The Raven Gem, has the following two effects.
1. Can turn the user invisible.
2. Allows the user to understand the language of the birds.

...Both are only mere folklore.


Film 1: The Story in which “I” End

―― Tick, tock, tick, tock.

In the beginning, I heard the clock pendulum’s immovable routine sound.
With a feeling like waking from a long sleep, I softly opened my eyelids.

Somehow, I found myself standing on just one, long road.
Somehow, I was grasping a counter-clockwise pocket watch in my right hand.
Somehow, before my eyes, there is a crying Mikkun clinging to “me”.

This was the scene of a funeral.
Here, different from the me standing up, was the “me” in the coffin, wearing a pale face.
Mikkun, sitting beside my lap, is sobbing. He calls out. My name, that’s all he calls out.
The me in the coffin doesn’t move. I could not move either as I stare at Mikkun’s retreating figure.


―― Tick, tock, tick, tock.

My feet automatically start to walk. Taking one hopeless step forward.
I don’t know what is beyond this road. Long, so long, the road is only seen in a straight line.
All I understand is that from now one there will be no Mikkun.

Unlike my hope, the walking doesn’t stop, it takes me away.
The place where Mikkun exists is becoming distant.


I could not call out. I could not cry.
And I could not even die.


At the end, in a world that turned with all its strength, the graceful autumn rain never ceases.


Mikkun’s note B ~ About the Dream of Blanc

Even Blanc, who speaks of giving happiness, seems to have a dream.
Whether or not that dream is a happy one, no one knows.


Film 2: The Story of that Day’s Promise

It appeared I already had died, and until I realised I seemed to return to the past, time did not go by.
Automatically walking, passing the roadside, the monochrome scenery showed nothing but visions of every time I was alive.

Of course, there were many memories with Mikkun.
Raging, crying, laughing. Watching myself show lively emotions was painful.
Not being next to Mikkun was painful.

Before long, I reached one memory.
The day I handed Mikkun an important gem. We made a promise on the hill.
I wanted to remember it well. I absolutely could not forget.

Many white Dutch clovers were blooming.
Mikkun gave me a crown of flowers he weaved.
We secretly made a promise by linking our small pinky fingers.
Gentle spring rain was falling.

So tender, was that scene.
So wonderful, us smiling in happiness.

Without realising, I had forgotten something.
So warm... the vivid memory.


My name was called out from young Mikkun’s lips.

At last, I realised.
It was for the sake of meeting you once more that I walked until I reached here.


Mikkun’s note C ~ About Lev’s Location

Lev originally took off from Noah’s ark and never again returned.
I wonder where he went to all by himself.
If he isn’t lonely, then it’s okay.


Film 3: The Story Beyond Now

I’m going back.
From evening to noon, from noon to morning.
I’m going back.
Dawn the moon ascends, dusk the sun ascends.

By going back, I’m leaving.

You go to tomorrow. I go to yesterday.
You travel along your time. I journey along mine.
I’ll become Lev who flew to a world that’s still not seen.

Never again will we meet. But, that’s okay.
The memory of the promise we made, I won’t ever misplace it.

Blanc who gives happiness, please deliver this song until it reaches Mikkun.
I pray you’ll be happy. Always.

The Raven Gem that should have been handed over returned to my palm.
I wonder how many days it walked with Mikkun to become so worn down. The roundness of it is dear to me.

The Raven Gem is a strange gem. I am holding it, and my body has not become invisible.
The folktales seem to be a lie. Maybe Mikkun had forgotten that.

“Because even though I can’t be seen, I am always next to you.”

If you hear a bird’s cry, even if you don’t know what it means, it is surely my voice.

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