Sep 26, 2010

想イ出カケラ (Memory Fragments) [English]

Song: 想イ出カケラ(Memory Fragments)
Composer: ダルビッシュP (Devlish-P) & Silent Symphonia
Lyricist: ダルビッシュP (Devlish-P) & Silent Symphonia
Vocalist: GUMI
Nico: nm11195743
Youtube: watch?v=ApJXYWqhSYQ

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I walked through the vividly coloured scenery
against the backdrop of the town
I should have held your hand then
Now you slip through my fingers

Each time I touched you, my heart echoed
The warmth I once embraced closely
is left weak, your scent
dissolved in the sky's blueness

The overlapped voices are depicted in a dream
Memories are stolen by the wind
I wipe my tears with a smile
Always, always, I'll wait for you

While quietly coming and going
we met back to back
The star in the sky I looked up at
is gently hidden away by us

Countless memory fragments
That day I had lost
is sleeping in my memories, a shape that doesn't change
It disappeared at the end of the night sky

Overflowing memories, transiently soaring
This sky is sorrowfully stained
But still, I lock away the wishes in my chest
Even now, I want to see you

Flowers are at their bloom, but the seasons go around
And still now, I'm inside my dream
I wipe my tears with a smile
Always, always, I'll wait for you

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