Sep 15, 2010

雷鳴アンプリファ (Thunder Amplifier) [English]

Song: 雷鳴アンプリファ (Thunder Amplifier)
Composer: cos k aka. 雷鳴P (Raimei-P)
Lyricist: cos k aka. 雷鳴P (Raimei-P)
Vocalist: 鏡音レン (Kagamine Len)
Nico: sm8153259
Youtube: watch?v=BqLzvez8nxM

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Grinding against iron, running off the belt line
That ear-buzz is feedback, the god-buzz is the lighting
Bending the sixth string, strumming the emotional argument
Sound of rainfall is the fadeout, hang-up in the clicking of a tongue

A lit cigarette smoulders
The analyst's nature is to view things from above
I'm not the one who's no good
You're just immersed in your own self-satisfaction

Striking thunder reverberates, wow
That lost title was left and crushed in emotions
I won't get caught on the belt line
The thunder doesn't stop rumbling, wow
That confirmed theory was also soaked and scribbled in sentiments
Throw, throwing away the emotional argument

Young men like things decorated with silver
A headline jumps in, even emotions have no makeup
Thunder amplifier exceeded the rated value
Gate-time’s blown away at an infinite velocity

Even if I'm called "gruesome", still, self-ridicule and self-mutilation
Don't you submit to your instincts? I ask myself
Everyone, let go of the other side of the flier
Let this thunder blow them away

The dawn rips up the clouds, wow
Because even an unaddressed must be sent, it doesn't matter where
Throw it in the post with impatience
The dawn is dazzling, wow
Right now I ignore articles about giving up, it's aimless gossip
This world we're closed in,
Destroy, destroy, destroy, and annihilate it!

(The landscape is a hazy, shaking world
I run at an increasing velocity
But I don't follow a certain course to there
I say that I'll see that distant existence soon
When will I finally arrive there?)

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