Oct 4, 2010

ポケットが砂でいっぱい (A Pocketful of Sand) [English]

Song: ポケットが砂でいっぱい (A Pocketful of Sand)
Composer: mt.pt (Mount Peaty)
Lyricist: mt.pt (Mount Peaty)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm12186099
Youtube: watch?v=jD51RsrirhA

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I could hear your voice
and the silence was torn
My singing, shouting voice
didn't reach you as it slipped into darkness

Ah, maybe you've already disappeared
A fickle feeling in this delicateness

Even though my thirsty heart wants to be quenched
Just a small amount of water, dreams or love
cannot be found anywhere

I then noticed, there in the desert,
I have a pocketful of sand
I cannot remember your face
It's melted ice soaking away into the sand

Your voice is far away
An immeasurable distance
If only I could shorten
the range of my heart

Why can't I take step forward?
Is it because my heart is not here?

Which way did the signpost point to?
In my pocket there are broken pieces
I cannot remember the way back home
In my heart I search for a light

When suddenly my tears fell
That grain of sand was closed away

I then noticed, there in the desert,
that there is nothing at all in my pocket
I cannot remember anything about you
In my heart are broken feelings

I then realised, because I am alone,
like a fish I'll now go to sleep

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  1. Yep! the lyrics are weird as the video
    Thx for translate it! >3<