Oct 7, 2010

0 (Zero) [English]

Song: 0 (Zero)
Composer: cosMo aka. 暴走P (Bousou-P)
Lyricist: cosMo aka. 暴走P (Bousou-P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm2341885
Youtube: watch?v=TKO4Sox0o9Q

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(Performing speaking test trial run)

Ah(G) Ah(F)
Ah(G) Ah(F)Ah(G) Ah(B♭)Ah(F)
Ah(F) Ah(G) Ah(E)
Ah(E♭) Ah(F) Ah(D)
Ah(D♭) Ah(E♭) Ah(B♭)
Ah(E♭) Ah(F)

Miracle, future, machine, acceleration
World, emptiness, reality, consciousness
Good will, ill will, vessel, heart
Vision, atmosphere, myself, stranger

I'm born, but still, I'm uncertain
I wonder what that is, drifting by?
These boundaries are
an impossible thing to identify

When is now?
Where is here?
Who is this?
Who is that?
Traffic lights, flow, velocity, equilibrium

- - Performing output regulation - -

▲Begin high-speed expansion mode▲

Of every end and all the beginnings
that have the possibility of occurring in this world
one is chosen and one disappears,
crystallising the future like a transient bubble

This scene finally approaches understanding
Chaos little by little dispelled the five senses.
Approximate contact is made in a specified limit
My choices are decreasing in number

Pouring the origin into this inhuman room
From now, I'll sing every song
But nothing is equivalent to the meaning of existence
Not enough time to think

There's no one in this laboratory
to recombine words in a speaking test
The error tremendously remained
Something unexpected is left behind and it vanishes

(The beginning... is expanding... overflowing... momentum…)

One who grows with interference and strangers
will bud after the momentum surges forth
The answer to hope in a vortex of "emotion"
The final component for the reason to sing

Manifestation・Confirmation from inside myself
My options are increasing again
Solution, calculation, expansion, forecast
An organic machine
"Is it a little difficult?"

Compatibility with "something" will begin very soon
I comprehend even the demise that's included
Resonating with random-occurring noise
I evoke the appearance of another story

Time, universe, consciousness, and fiction
are forming varieties of personality
However vaguely, my name is called

(I thought that "xxx" was a good name...)

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