Apr 8, 2010

言葉はいらない (Words are unneeded) [English]

Song: 言葉はいらない (Words are unneeded)
Composer: いたる (Itaru)
Lyricist: いたる (Itaru)
Vocalist: 鏡音レン (Kagamine Len)
Nico: sm9222447
Youtube: watch?v=_4KU4ff9_RU&

Download MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?dthmmyj1ulz
Download Karaoke: N/A

Subbed video: soon

In order to protect you, I am created
We’re together on this planet

Keep walking across the stormy earth
It's becoming a barren place on this broken planet

No Mama and Papa on this earth
Yet when I talk to you my uneasiness disappears
I embrace your innocent smile
Only for now
Words are unneeded...

La la la...

You understood the painful reality
Somewhere on this planet, we stopped being friends

Staring at the ashes raining down on you
I was your protector and nothing more

Many years passed, I watched you become worn-out
We held each other and cried
When nothing's left on this planet except for us
You understood only now
Words are unfound...


More and more memories made with you
All our important memories

Your pulse slowly stopped
You said "Thank you", I said "Goodbye"

Looking over dead you, I sat at that place
Staring at you lying down
Already it's only me here
I sob in loneliness
Wanting those words...

Lu lu lu...

Repeating memories damage me
But still
I won’t forget that blissful dream I had with you...

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