Apr 25, 2010

Alive [English + Romaji]

Song: Alive
Composer: デスおはぎ (Death-Ohagi)
Lyricist: sforza_t
Vocalist: 重音テト (Kasane Teto)
Nico: sm9565069
Youtube: watch?v=TKVi9HXRGJc

Download MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?ijznynilzby
Download Karaoke: http://www.mediafire.com/?hdhzmemljqt

Subbed video: N/A

hollow hollow existence
hope hope unreached hope

If my hand that reaches out is a lie
Kind words are not needed

I blankly decorate each of these bodies
They break in pieces and I just don’t care
The eternal dance can continue

A prayer, prayer
so meagre and quiet
If you are there
with me tomorrow, it’s alright

No words could come out
Because a little uneasiness
is held on to
Now, too, I’m in the ceaseless dream

chain chain chain of lies   
hope hope final showdown

If the whole world is called a lie
My grief and tears will never reach you

The fading shadows are each of these bodies
Even if I’m wrapped up completely, I’m alright nevertheless, you know
The eternal dance can continue

Nothing can catch up; I’m perpetually wandering in circles
Still alone, still alone on the spinning merry-go-round

If from far away, far away
we could never face each other
I hope that you
will be there tomorrow

I keep chanting these magic words
Until the day when those lies become reality
I hope your smiling face is there

Can you hear me? Do my words reach you? If it’s for you,
this voice will shout out eternally, eternally

To the future

hollow hollow existence
hope hope unreached hope

sashinoberu te ga uso to iu nara
yasashii kotoba nanka iranakute

utsuroni kazaru kono karada goto
barabara ni kudakete mo kamawanai
itsumademo odori tsuzukeru

negai o, negai o,
sasayakani sotto
Anata ga, ashita ga,
soko ni areba ii

kotoba ni dasenai
sukoshi no fuan ga
tsunagi tomeru kara
ima mo zutto yume no naka

chain chain chain of lies   
hope hope final showdown

sekai no subete uso to iu nara
kanashimi mo namida mo todokeka nakute

utsurou kage ga kono karada goto
tsutsumikonde shimaeba ii noni ne
itsumademo odori tsuzukeru

oitsuku koto mo naku towa ni meguri meguru
mada hitori, mada hitori, mawaru MERII GOO RAUNDO

tookute, tookute,
kanawanu mono nara
anata ga, ashita ga,
soko ni aru youni

kotoba no mahou o tonae tsuzukeyou
sono uso ga genjitsu ni kawaru hi made
anata no egao ga soko ni aru youni

kikoeteru? todoketeru? anata e to kono koe wa
itsumademo itsumademo sakebu yo

mirai o

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