Dec 16, 2010

毒とパンツとノイローゼ (Poison, Panties, and Neurosis) [English]

Song: 毒とパンツとノイローゼ (Poison, Panties, and Neurosis)
Composer: アキバヲタP (Akibawota P)
Lyricist: アキバヲタP (Akibawota P)
Vocalist: 猫村いろは (Nekomura Iroha)
Nico: sm12808154
Youtube: watch?v=_p5ENiAxvVo

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In front of only me you take off your panties
No other guy can see this at all

Your nude body, your heart, and even having sex
When only I touch, is it different? Now, open up your love

This technique is for only me
It kills me when I drink it, even if it's not poison

Your play and even your insides, at midnight
Do you think I describe love differently? Now, open up your legs

With boring things, I get uneasy
With nothing but you, I really get neurosis

Your B-cup, your tears, and even your swaying hips
When only I touch, is it different? Now, open those eyes

Your nude body is what I love most in the world
When I touch it all, there's a difference, now open up your love

Yes, it's only for me

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