Dec 13, 2010

ツイホウ恋歌。(Exiled Love Song) [English]

Song: ツイホウ恋歌。(Exiled Love Song)
Composer: モジャP (Moja P)
Lyricist: モジャP (Moja P)
Vocalist: 鏡音リン・レン (Kagamine Rin/Len)
Nico: sm5406756
Youtube: watch?v=x1is4DYT9F8

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Tell me you love me, you are an angel
My right hand held by you is released
Kiss me more, my angel
My hand reaches out after you

Ah, I can't stop (don't stop) this feeling ever (always)
I'm overflowing
highly (highest) at the speed of sound

Ah, gloomy emptiness (continuing) I look away from (ourselves) the grey townscape
That breach (forgive it) our...

Only time exceeds us
If only we could run away, always just that
We love one another
And yet, reality is always there
(I pray, don't tear us apart)
Cruelly, without warning, we are cut up
Our love cannot be forgiven

Shaded crimson, your smile
That whispering voice seems to vanish
Love me more, my angel
I must entwine my fingers with yours

Ah, falling down (somewhere) the limits of love, is this the bottom? (Where is this?)
I'm disoriented
To awaken you (if it's possible) I place a kiss
Ah, echoing (your voice) that whiteness rusts (even above the earth) beautifully
Once shining, (the beyond is) our...

The distorted past binds us
Can't we hide it? Always just that
Our wounds could heal together
With the key to the creaking cage
(I pray, keep holding my hand)
The angel was set free by me, the "devil"
If we could be forgiven, we'd do it again

Our love, all of it, is disobeying god
(Chasing a shadow)
This eternal promise (it seems) to be something that never vanishes
(The experience of sin...)

Even now, we are fugitives
You are exiled, punished with me
We love one another
The swaying street lamp glows
(I pray with all my strength)
But we must be purified, we are watched from above
Jolted in the evening breeze, I become alone

Sing for me just once more, my angel
Nothing pure truly dies
I touch the whiteness, I am a devil
Closing my eyelids, it will now begin—...

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