Dec 13, 2010

猛毒のキス (Venom Kiss) [English]

Song: 猛毒のキス (Venom Kiss)
Composer: プーチンP (Putin P)
Lyricist: プーチンP (Putin P)
Vocalist: 鏡音リン (Kagamine Rin)
Nico: nm12515121
Youtube: watch?v=-7Hyh1Mg7-M

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I come across your favourite manga
and even though I think it's really stupid,
and despite that it's a deficit life at best,
impulsively I buy a large amount

Can no one see it?
Can't you either?
My beloved's favourite thing
I want to grow to like it
for sweet love

I stare and remember
a slight repulsive feeling
The dream stained with fantasies
is stained with you

Do you understand?
A person who's too unusual
with me until the day before yesterday
Do you understand?
If that's so,
Turn this way and laugh!
Now I don't need things like love

I come across the same phone strap as you
I gripped it in my hand and smiled
It must be a present from my beloved
Out of habit I feel excited

By myself in the corner of a room
Again with red eyes
I can't go outside tomorrow
I hope you can't hear me
because you're too kind

I take out a photograph
"I really like it," I feel
But only tears pointlessly fall, who is that beside me?

Is it okay to be me?
There's much unhappiness
to become an ideal woman
Is it okay to be me?
Please brag and approve of
your girlfriend
Don't meet anyone besides me

I inflicted pain to such a degree
to make you completely confess your love
You are very dishonest
I'll become who I'm not

Do I really love you?
I'm like this
but I'll make you embrace me
Do I really love you?
Since it's really no use,
just for today I'll be myself
A venom kiss more passionate than words

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