Jul 9, 2010

Mermaid [English]

Song: Mermaid
Composer: doriko
Lyricist: doriko
Vocalist: リツカ (Ritsuka) [Not Vocaloid]
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The deep blueness lulls my quavering heartbeat
Sleeping in this embrace is being a caged bird

From whom will I surely receive happiness?
I weave with the longing for what's outside the dark window

The cage to the love I gaze at is locked
"It's all nothing but hurtful lies"

Beyond the window, you still never change
Chasing you, chasing you, I'm not afraid

For love, I start running from under the sea
I wish to go where you are

If I have these legs, if I move them
If only for just one time, I'd walk to you without hesitation

While gazing at that faraway place
There was a sorrowful voice somewhere
The lock was gently unfastened

Yet, my joyful love is too used to kindness
By forgetting the pain in my legs
For the first time I ran, numb and in a daze

I depend on a star only for your smile
Chasing you, chasing you, aren't I afraid...?

For love, I start running from the cage
Left behind is the one who ran away

As much as I loved you, the cage is too heavy

I couldn't protect you, I'm clumsy because of the pain

I won't reach you, I won't reach you, no matter what I lose

Vanishing, I reach out my hand, my fingertip nearly reached
This is the world I live in

Only a dream that no one can save is left
The footprints disappear in a blue heartbeat

I didn't understand who protected me
I still don’t understand, everything was thrown away

Kindness has not arrived, even now
I stare at the cage that I opened and never returned to

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