Feb 15, 2011

グラジオラス (Gladiolus) [English - Ver. 2]

Song: グラジオラス (Gladiolus)
Composer: ミラーP (Mirror P)
Lyricist: 夜凪朝妃 (Yanagi Asahi)
Vocalists: 巡音ルカ & KAITO (Megurine Luka and Kaito)
Nico: sm8772146
Youtube: watch?v=yCNPwOdc2Lo

Download MP3: http://www.4shared.com/audio/teQYjT0k/Gladiolus_-_Luka_Kaito.html
Download Karaoke: http://www.4shared.com/audio/puWNTcYJ/Gladiolus__Karaoke_.html

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The moment we felt, the passion we share
Tonight, too, a sign buries our loneliness

Our mutual circumstances; after we meet,
we say nothing and, if we can, taste the bitterness
Let us hide these sweet secrets
A flower that blooms in a dizzying fever

Because we share each other's hurt
Now, in just this moment, all is fine
Then the coming of day divides us
Only an aroma remains
After all, since you are a substitute,
if we have already exceeded the time limit, it is over

You know this, don't you? And yet you wonder why
We hold each other until we break
I can't see anything, strong eyes encapsulate me
In this bewildering moment, we thrust the sword

Shapeless connections and knowledge
And yet a love we have come to want
So now, we cannot
vaguely discard things anymore

The swirling fragrance gently disappears
In the aftermath nothing remains
The wilting flower endures longer
Still our hands let go
"I am here," were the words never said ("It's only you I want to see," were the thoughts never said)
Although we still hide it, (Restraints don't work, it's unstoppable)
the lonely mornings are unbearable (The door is open, I need an answer)
Hey, hold my hand (Come, take my hand)

The swirling fragrance will never disappear, so
If a hot glance can melt us into one
The shaking, collapsing flower will entangle even more
Still, these hands will never let go

The approaching morning shines on us
Light up the flower of dreams, please...

on request

Notes: Gladiolus... In the language of the flowers: passionate love, rendezvous, protection, ease of mind, triumph.


  1. You have a pseudonym? is to place it in the credits

  2. Use ReicheruCharin -- My youtube account name.

    And sorry I can't do the romaji anymore ): There are some readings of words that aren't in any of my dictionaries! I don't want to post erroneous romaji, so..

  3. Don't worry! this ok, Thanks for everything and thanks for the translation too:D
    Now I'll start the subs

  4. Send me a link when you're finished (:

  5. Done!, here the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsQCH4MU-cc

    thanks for the translation :D