Apr 19, 2011

ユラメク(Flickering) [English]

Song: ユラメク(Flickering)
Composer: ヘブンズP (Heavenz P)
Lyricist: ヘブンズP (Heavenz P)
Vocalist: 初音ミク(Hatsune Miku)
Nico: sm5807851
Youtube: watch?v=Upygl71yKJc&

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Robotic intelligence
The tool that connects 0 and 1
Your expression
Smiles before my eyes

While I'm with you
I won't be a hindrance
Upper traffic breaker
Your memories are
Etched into disk

Take me away
From this box
Warm blood flows from those hands
Where pleasure and pain is with wishes and miracles
To me, to me

Ah, in the world you wished for
It's just two images, now
Nothing exists there
Strangely you play at
The console

The data starts to corrupt
I won't be a hindrance
Downer traffic maker
My memories are
Broken off and spilling out

Don't have to say anything
The noise spreads out
With the sound of a mechanical voice
Those tears never stop falling
"That's enough, it's okay."

Ah, in the world you wished for
One image is disappearing
I'm coloured in
Pitch black and pure white

This right arm is gone now
I'm just frantically reaching out now
Tightly, tightly, embrace me, won't you?
Hold me, hold me, just for now

Ah, in the world you wished for
I'm no longer there, but
After this, someone will take that warm hand
And hold it, embrace you

In the world you wished for
The images in there, please
Pull away from
My beloved hands

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