Apr 18, 2011

卒業写真 (Graduation Photo) [English]

Song: 卒業写真 (Graduation Photo)
Composer: 荒井由美 (Arai Yumi)
Lyricist: 荒井由美 (Arai Yumi)
Vocalist: 鏡音レン(Kagamine Len - Append SERIOUS)
Youtube: watch?v=1WDNE6d6U-E
This song is original sung by Arai Yumi. This is only a short version used for Len's append demo song.

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Whenever I feel sad, I open the front cover
In the graduation photo, that person looks back with their kind eyes

When I saw them in town, I couldn't say anything
Because their expression was the same as in the graduation photo

Flowing with the crowd, I am always moving
Sometimes you seem so far away

You are my youth

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