Apr 18, 2011

サディスティック・ラブ (Sadistic Love) [English]

Song: サディスティック・ラブ (Sadistic Love)
Composer: Junky
Lyricist: Junky
Vocalist: 鏡音リン (Kagamine Rin)
Nico: sm13292326
Youtube: watch?v=S8tqaVizvOU

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Me, I'm just a burden, being put to the side
That girl with far off emotions, made fun of as always

Forcibly pushing my way through the middle, meddling and getting reactions
Ah, how lovely... It's difficult to fall in love, huh...

I'm to the point of thinking even manufactured love is wonderful
It's a serious illness, I know, but I really don't want hate you

I just want to see your reactions
Again and again, I want to keep feeling this way

It's not love, I'm stained in your colours
But I'll be devoted to you like this anyway

Hating is probably like being a bit more comfortable, I think
The smiling faces you love very much, you can no longer see them

I could be sweet, I tell the world, I could be a cute girl
Even though I don't have a personality like that
More, more and more sadistic, from the start, there was no end

I know that you'll never be interested in me

But please wait, it's just, something about that smile
I weep, could you accept this present from me...?
I'll finally put an end to it, this silliness x 5
I won't let it be a bad misunderstanding

I'll deny the structure set by me being an S and you being an M
It's a sadistic one-sided relationship, but, please think of me

Notes: Got confused in some places about whether the girl was referring to herself or the boy. May be some errors in interpretation, there..


  1. do you have a video or japanese lyrics for this but thankyou if you don't have see ya!

  2. hi um....are you a boy or a girl? if your asking why...its because i wanna have sex with you

    1. sur just lick my pussy okay

  3. Thanks for the translation! <3