Apr 25, 2011

It's a wonderful world. [English]

Song: It's a wonderful world.
Composer: HAMO
Lyricist: HAMO
Vocalist: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku – Append)
Nico: sm14232909
Youtube: watch?v=a2TbhUVO51w

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I say Hello.
To you who returned

You say Hello.
Over and over again

I say Hello.
To you who I don't know

You say Hello.
Who is it? You?

Love, this place
The growing uprising

Forgive, the thoughts
The small strips of pulled-off marrow

We put on appearances with conceit, it seems
Go for the heart of the world

The untouched pistol is destroyed
– Won't you be satisfied with that? –
You said

It's a wonderful world.

"Hey, Mama."

I know Wars.
Only a fool feels guilt

Don't know Words.
So, me too

I know Wars.
Now it's show time

Don't know Words.
So, me too

The meaning of love
I cannot find it

A world of evil appetites
It is narcissistic

Rather, if you're not hit
Take a bomb with the shotgun
Plunging deeply into willing self-destruction
– Hah, this is probably okay –

It's a wonderful world.

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